My Platform

The bus gets me where I need to go, but that isn’t true for everyone. Here’s how I’ll change that.


Seats for Everyone

Many people depend on the bus every day to get them where they need to go. Sometimes it’s great, but sometimes it can be a hassle.

  • Implement all door boarding, so buses spend more time moving and less time waiting.
  • Impose a daily fare cap, to make the bus affordable no matter how many transfers you need.
  • Free fare on holidays, including the entire week leading up to Election Day.
  • AC Transit stopped bus service during the June 2020 curfew, stranding riders far from home. That won’t happen again.
  • Eliminate phantom buses that show up on bus arrival displays but don’t exist in real life.
the "Long Boi" NL Bus at the Bus Stop
AC Transit Line 14 Bus Stop at the Malonga Arts Center

Routes for Everyone

The bus is often thought of as nothing more than a way to get to work. People in the east bay are more than just their jobs, however. We like to hike, swim, visit family, and even enjoy an A’s game.

  • Bring our new BRT service to more places, like the full length of Grand Avenue and MacArthur Boulevard.
  • Start planning for an East Bay rail network.
  • Nobody should need to wait in the rain for their bus. I’ll be working on a universal bus shelter program to bring a shelter to every bus stop in the network, with a priority of fixing all of our existing ones.
  • Rideshare programs such as Lyft and Uber continue to draw riders away from our buses. I won’t pretend that we need to be competitive when we already have a public monopoly on mass transportation. We can instead apply a sales tax to rideshare that will fund transit and bring us more riders.

A Bus Network for Everyone

The East Bay doesn’t exist in a vacuum. We’re blessed with an incredible beauty and culture that brings visitors from all over the world, and they depend on AC Transit bus service. Its time we acted like a good neighbor.

  • Completely decarbonize our bus fleet by 2030. Imagine that: no more oil!
  • Build affordable housing for our drivers and riders on vacant land owned by the district.
  • Improve transbay service by working to get a continuous, unbroken, dedicated bus lane from the Salesforce Transit Center to Downtown Oakland. Yes, even through the toll plaza.
  • Bring color-coding to our lines so riders can quickly distinguish between Rapid, BRT, overnight, and weekday-only buses.
  • Require full-color maps to be posted when a bus line is temporarily routed away from a stop for construction, parades, or other planned interruptions.
33 To Montclair at 19th St BART