Meet Victoria Fierce

My name is Victoria Fierce and I’m running for the AC Transit Board of Directors, At-Large seat because everyone needs the bus. I grew up on a farm in rural Ohio, where we don’t have bus service. Going anywhere meant driving my car, paying for gas, and hoping there wasn’t a blizzard on the way home. I finally took my first bus ride when I moved to Akron as an adult — the city that made me fall in love with cities.

I haven’t owned a car for almost six years now, but that is only possible because I live in Downtown Oakland, where we’re blessed with an abundance of public transit. Everyone should be able to enjoy the bus like I do, but that dream needs strong leadership to make it a reality.

Let me be that leader; you’ll find I’m well qualified. Shortly after I moved to Oakland in 2015, I co-founded East Bay for Everyone, a community organization of people who also love the city. What started out as a meeting of five at a love-worn table at Awaken Cafe has now blossomed into a 2,000+ member strong organization. With my leadership, we’re taking on the big things. EBFE has been organizing not just for housing but also for police accountability, striking with labor, fighting the transit surveillance state, and even marching against concentration camps in Concord.

Earlier this year, I was elected to the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee in Assembly District 18. I ran because we need a Democratic Party that works for the people instead of its leadership, and I intend to deliver once I take office in 2021.

Today I work for the California Renters Legal Advocacy and Education Fund, where I sue California suburbs for violating state housing laws. My biggest achievement is our in-progress lawsuit against the City of San Mateo for an unlawful denial of transit-rich housing, where the California Attorney General has intervened in our favor to defend the constitutionality of the Housing Accountability Act.

I’m also queer as hell. And trans. And the other half of one of California’s first non-binary domestic partnerships with my partner Kieryn. For many queers like myself, moving to the city is the ticket to a future worth living for; I get it. Cities can save the world.

That’s why I fight for a bus network that works for everyone, not just the few.